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Current political crisis leads to the thoughts of reparations

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To The Editor:

At the risk of adding the term “Racist” to any list of pejorative descriptors one might care to use in any inventory of personal traits that might be ascribed to me, by friend or foe - I awoke the other evening with a singular word emblazoned on my alleged mind... “Reparations.”

“Reparations” being the term that sporadically (normally during election periods) comes to the fore in which it is argued that descendants of formerly enslaved American citizens (principally blacks) are due “reparations” - typically, monthly cash payments or land grants - due to the uncompensated labor of their forbearers in the development of this nation’s economic base.

Always controversial of course, it comes to me that over the years I have found myself discussing both sides of the issue, sometimes simultaneously during the same debate; however, the happenstance of the word “reparations” bubbling to the surface of my unconscious mind (no surprise there) caused me to consider the issue, again, vis-a-vis current circumstances.

By “current circumstances” I refer to: a grid-locked, intransigent, congress; a national economic picture both confused and diminishing; an (in my opinion) obdurate President; a culture more and more dependent on (and demanding of) government “handouts/entitlements/subsidies;” a foreign policy which seems to have the U.S. (again, in my opinion) floundering and losing international influence/respect and leverage... in other words, the entire collage we find ourselves in today.

My point is, haven’t we, as a nation, because of current political and social conditions (but devoid of present domestic and foreign distractions), actually developed a form of “reparations” - which has somehow become inclusive of undocumented/illegal aliens?

While watching and critiquing what the right hand is doing, the left hand has been accomplishing what has currently been billed as “fairness/equality,” but formerly was argued against as being electoral pandering and racially divisive.

Have we once again fallen prey to PC?

Curioser and curiouser. What do you think?

PJ Murphy

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