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Property Sales



The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office Aug. 21, 2013:

City of Watertown: 0.15 acre, 423 Dimmick St., Property Service Plus Inc., Adams, sold to Cody Scott Enterprises LLC, Adams Center $142,000

Hamlet of Rosiere: 0.38 acre, 31345 County Route 4, Raymond W. Garnsey, Hammond, sold to Chanielle G. Laclair, Hammond $70,000

Village and Town of Cape Vincent: Three parcels, Real Street, William E. Montonna and Shirley J. Montonna, Cape Vincent, sold to Mark T. Hanna Rochester $615,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 0.8 acre, Lisa Drive, Lisa M. Goodman, Fairport, sold to Michael C. Fegley and Laurie L. Fegley, Syracuse $65,000

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office Aug. 22, 2013:

Town of Pamelia: Two parcels, no acreage given, 1.41 acres, both Mustard Road (foreclosure), Anthony M. Neddo, Watertown, referee, Scott A. Schara, sold to Gouverneur Savings and Loan Association, Gouverneur $121,500

City of Watertown: 1.58 acres, Mechanic Street, Allen Kosoff, Syracuse, sold to Husky Property Management LLC, Watertown $275,000

City of Watertown: California Avenue, Martha Peck, administrator, estate of David E. Peck, late of Watertown, sold to Northern New York Unlimited Co. Inc., Watertown $40,000

Town of Ellisburg: Three parcels, 1.257 acres, 2.062 acres, 1.400 acres, Pierrepont Place, Stephen E. Cheechalk and Nancy A. Cheechalk, Johnson City, sold to Kyle J. Briant, Woodville $50,000

Town of Champion: 1.176 acres, Cole Road, John P. Gerber and Debbie D. Gerber, Carthage, N.C., sold to Michal Setti Parnes, Carthage $247,500

City of Watertown: 120 Meadow St., Eric T. Swartz, Watertown, sold Nathaniel Nugent, Watertown, and Todd Nestor, Watertown $35,000

Town of Antwerp: 6.45 acres, County Route 26, John H. Nelson, Antwerp, sold to Anthony J. Rubado and Denise Stedman, Hermon $232,000

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office Aug. 23, 2013:

Village of Carthage: 0.401 acre, South Washington Street, John N. Schneider and Carolyn J. Schneider, Castorland, sold to Brenda Brouty, Castorland $42,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: General Smith Drive, George Hale Smith and Marilyn P. Smith, Sackets Harbor, sold to Merlin Tousant and Joann Tousant, Sackets Harbor $200,000

Town of Henderson: 1.024 acres, Hovey Tract Road, Susan M. Parker and Allan R. Parker, Adams Center, sold to Thomas H. Bradley 3rd, Watertown $50,000

Town of Clayton: Two parcels, 3.16 acres, 4.38 acres, Route 12, Robin Colello, Watertown, executor, estate of Joan H. Collins, late of Clayton, sold to Robert S. Healy and Kara L. Healy, Clayton $189,000

Village of Black River: 0.70 acre, Highway from Black River to Felts Mills, Jean D. Yates, Black River, sold to A. Brown Properties LLC, Watertown $50,000

Town of Brownville: Two parcels, 1) no acreage given, 2) 0.102 acre, Route 59, Michael A. Coniglio, Watertown; Joseph M. Coniglio, Watertown; Mary Jo Wood, Watertown; and Cabrina A. Rotella, Watertown, sold to Joseph M. Coniglio, Watertown; Shalaina Marie Rotella-Thompson, Watertown; Angela Ann Rotella, Watertown; and Alyssa Ann Rotella-Hunter, Brownville $87,500

Town of Champion: Rockwood Road, Jeannie F. Doney, Orange City, Fla., administrator, estate of Harold L. Waite, sold to Kendall Moser and Jenessa Moser, Carthage $97,500

Town of Watertown: 4.35 acres, U.S. Route 11, DDM LLC, Rome, sold to JKA Enterprises LLC, Watertown $899,000

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office Aug. 26, 2013:

Town of Brownville: Two parcels, 1 acre, 0.36 acre, Pillar Point, John Kabot and Rosemarie Kabot, New Hartford, sold to Susan J. Larkins, Clayton $369,000

Town of Lorraine: 73 acres, County Route 90, Christopher M. Lalone and Jody R.A. Lalone, Mannsville, sold to Jason G. Sperry and Erin T. Sperry, Mexico $285,000

Town of Brownville: 0.205 acre, Bay View Subdivision, Rosalyn C. Randall, Vero Beach, Fla., individually and as trustee, Rosalyn C. Randall Revocable Trust, sold to Michael J. Rafferty and Katherine A. Randall Revocable Trust, Fort Myers, Fla., and Craig J. Fleury and Mary Jo Fleury Revocable Trust, Vero Beach, Fla. $130,000

Town of Brownville: 1.635 acres, Route 12E, Chad M. Paul and Echoe M. Paul, Lake Oswego, Ore., sold to Renato E. Angeles, Evans Mills $245,000

Town of LeRay: 0.599 acre, no address given, David A. Wilson and Stephanie Wilson, Watertown, sold to Joel D. Davis and Ashley Davis, Harker Heights, Texas $230,000

Town of Henderson: Two parcels, Camp Greystone, Thomas B. Roe IV and Jody K. Roe, aka Jody K.M. Roe, Lowville, sold to Mary Ann Standish, Camillus $179,500

City of Watertown: Seward Street, Eva M. Miller, Watertown, sold to Bethany J. Northrop, Watertown $75,000

Village of Evans Mills: 2.18 acres, Willow Street, Christina Nemeth, Atlanta, Ga., executor, will of Kerstin L. Strader, late of Evans Mills, sold to David B. Spitzer and April M. Spitzer, Philadelphia $155,000

Town of Cape Vincent: Five parcels, 0.50 acre, 103.66 acres, 10.86 acres, 25 acres, 32.31 acres, County Route 4, Dennis Farrell and Susan Farrell, Clayton, sold to James G. Irvin and Tanya R. Irvin, Clayton $80,000

Village of West Carthage: Two parcels, Base Line Road, Wayne A. Mosher and Jacquelyn M. Mosher, Carthage, sold to Lawrence G. Dorr and Laura L. Dorr, Carthage $133,000

Town of Adams: Two parcels, 5.13 acres, 0.86 acre, Route 177, Carlton Corey, Rhinelander, Wis., sold to Daniel Hamilton and Sherry A. Hamilton, Rodman $41,000

Town of Clayton: 5.250 acres, intersection Hart and Miller roads, James G. LaVancha and Amy R. LaVancha, LaFargeville, sold to Jamie A. Ames, Clayton $101,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.111 acre, Washington Street, Nancy A. Cooke, Sackets Harbor, sold to Mary A. Foster, Sackets Harbor $130,000

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office Aug. 27, 2013:

Village of Adams: Wardwell Street, Anna Bearup, Adams, sold to Erin M. Denehy, Watertown $132,500

Town of Alexandria: 0.65 acre, Clear Lake, Gerald C. Bartlett Jr., Theresa, and Charles H. Bartlett, Cicero, sold to Edgar G. Romeo, Belleville $140,000

City of Watertown: Phelps Street, Edwin Collazo and Olga N. Collazo, Plattsburgh, sold to Sheri Pender, Watertown $99,000

Town of Hounsfield: 2.50 acres, Military Road, Mark Edward Vadney, New London, Mo., sold to Christopher S. Montanaro and Jaime N. Montanaro, Sackets Harbor $325,000

Town of Lyme: Lott’s Point Road, Norman D. Hicks Jr. and Deborah R. Hicks, Chaumont, sold to Patrick Grady, Baldwinsville $275,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 0.15 acres, Strauss Boulevard, Harlow H. Ferguson and Florence M. Ferguson, Clayton, sold to Edward J. Pink and Deborah E. Pink, Rochester $250,000

Town of Adams: 2.08 acres, North Road, William Harold Place Jr., Adams Center, sold to Robert A. Bacon and Scotti E. Bacon, Adams Center $90,000

Village of Dexter: Corner of Factory and Sterling streets, Marlyn L. Bickom, Dexter, sold to Cullen D. Countryman, Dexter $129,000

Village of Deferiet: Wilna Avenue, Michael J. Millich, Boonville; Sue E. Wood, Carthage; and Samuel A. Millich Jr., Black River, sold to B.C. Hardin Jr. and C. Sheree Hardin, Robert Lee, Texas $90,000

Village of Clayton: Jane Street, Holly B. Beaudry, executor, will of Janet M. Collins, late of Clayton, sold to David B. Crandall and Barbara P. Crandall, Henderson $140,000

Town of Clayton: 0.3 acre, 16155 Grenell Island, the David Jonathan Ley Revocable Trust, David Jonathan Ley, trustee, and the Michele Edwards Williams Revocable Trust, Michele Edwards Williams, trustee, Marcellus, sold to Gregory D. Polhamus and Kristen J. Polhamus, Liverpool $300,000

Town of Adams: 12 acres, Cady Road, Claude O. Reed, Adams Center, grantor; Steven E. Reed, Adams Center; Teena Reed Heasley, Adams Center; Debra Reed Christy, Warwick, R.I.; and Sharon E. Orel, Lexington, N.C., releasors, sold to Alan G. Reed, Adams Center; Dan D. Reed, Adams Center; and Mason J. Reed, Adams Center $30,000

Town of Alexandria: 7.05 acres, Route 12, Ronald D. Randall and Judith A. Randall, Alexandria Bay, sold to 1803743 Ontario Inc., Kingston, Ontario, Canada $175,000

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The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 2, 2013:

Town of Massena: Unknown acres, in Lot 6 of Block 29, bounded by Spruce Street, Timothy and Tina Delisle, Chase Mills, sold to Tressa and James Caza, Albertville, Minn. $31,000

City of Ogdensburg: Unknown acres, in Lot 3 of Block 211, bounded by New York Avenue, Teresa M. Bush, Ogdensburg, sold to Michael R. Caughey, Ogdensburg $60,000

Town of Morristown: 1.9961 acres more or less, bounded by Demot Road, David M. Adams, Hammond, sold to Julie M. Hull, Hammond $49,500

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 3, 2013:

Town of DeKalb: 20 acres more or less, being a part of Lot 270, Wayne A. Serviss, Gouverneur, sold to James M. and Alison P. Connelly, Syracuse $40,000

Village of Gouverneur: Parcel 1) 0.57 of an acre more or less, Parcel 2) Unknown acres, bounded by Johnstown Street, Ellen G. Yoder (executor), Anthony Pastizzo, no address given, sold to Howard and Brenda Saidel, Sherrills Ford, N.C. $80,000

Town of Macomb: Parcel 1) 1.27 acres more or less, Parcel 2) 0.30 of an acre more or less, both bounded by New York State Highway 58, Patricia G. Nichols, Brockport, and Timothy L. Nichols, Webster, sold to Ronald E. and Diane C. Perry, Spencerport $195,000

Town of Morristown: 0.075 of an acre more or less, in Lot 3, Todd Bristol, West Monroe, sold to Darwin and Margaret Kaplin, Williamson $85,000

Town of Gouverneur:1.25 acres more or less, bounded by Scotch Settlement Road, Terry L. McDonald, Gouverneur, sold to Bryon J. and Jamie L. Dashnaw, Gouverneur $89,000

Town of Potsdam: 0.45 of an acre more or less, bounded by Pollock Road, Bonnie Buffham, Massena, sold to the Barbara Kuegel Trust, Canton $52,500

Village of Potsdam: Unknown acres, in Village Lot 80, bounded by Main Street, Adam M. Huckle, Potsdam, sold to Daniel S. Lempert, Columbus, Ohio $109,000

City of Ogdensburg: Unknown acres, in Lot 6 and Lot 7 of Block 316, bounded by Ford Street, Parker C. and Debra J. Piercey, Ogdensburg, sold to Morgan C. Fletchall, Ogdensburg $38,000

Town of Morristown: 21.99 acres more or less, bounded by Watson Road, Sandra L. Duprey (trustee), John S. Langtry Jr. Revocable Grantor Trust, Ogdensburg, sold to Cody and Cassie Bayne, Ogdensburg $41,000

Town of Brasher: 1 acre more or less, bounded by Church Street, Randy and Judy L. Hilbig, Hollister Calif., sold to Michelle M. Huckins, Brasher Falls $125,000

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 4, 2013:

Village of Potsdam: Parcel 1) 16/100 of an acre more or less, Parcel 2) Unknown acres, both Parcels in Lot 27, bounded by Hillcrest Drive, Ratneshwar and Asha Jha, Starkville, Miss., sold to Benjamin and Alisah Todd, Norwood $152,000

Town of Madrid: 1 acre more or less, in Lot 8, bounded by Depot Street, Christian Rieckermann Jr. and Lisa Rieckermann, Poughquag, sold to John R. Greene and Ashlee Dumas, Massena $113,447

Town of Pitcairn: 16.43 acres more or less, in Great Tract 3 of Township 11, Stacey L. Zeigler, Hammond, sold to Corey M. Zeigler, Harrisville $110,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel 1) 103 68/100 acres more or less, parcel 2) 14 13/100 acres more or less, both in Lot 10 and Lot 12 of Township 17, Margaret Ann Grow, Loudonville, and Ellen Marie Hyland, Elmira, sold to Mary Grow, Honeoye $28,000

Village of Gouverneur: Unknown acres, bounded by East Main Street, Alvin H. Bregman, Watertown, and Bruce Dines, Watertown, sold to Bruce J. Dines DMD P.C., Watertown $87,500

Village of Canton: Unknown acres, bounded by Pleasant Street and Judson Street, Ted O. Coviello and Verlee Wood-Coviello, Canton, sold to Charles A. and Jennifer L. Henry, Plattsburgh $163,500

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 5, 2013:

Town of Fowler: 100 acres more or less, in Great Tract 3 of Township 11, Gregory L. Langevin, Gouverneur, sold to Mark Hendrick, Gouverneur $30,000

Town of Madrid: Parcel 1) 0.67 of an acre more or less, Parcel 2) 0.6 of an acre more or less, in Grasse River Lot 13, Section 54, bounded by Ruddy Road, Laura A. Duval, Chase Mills, sold to David and Valerie L. Mooney, Norwood $46,000

Town of Louisville: 20.11 acres more or less, in Mile Square 23, bounded by New York State Route 37, Michael R. Jackson, Massena, sold to Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc., Massena $45,000

Town of Canton: 220 acres more or less, in the 10th Range, bounded by Canton-Russell Road, Isis Melhado, Canton, sold to Jeffrey A. Thayer and Philippe Roques, San Francisco, Calif. $56,760

Town of Potsdam: 2.010 acres more or less, in Mile Square 9, bounded by Norwood Pond, Martha J. Orologio, Norwood, sold to Brian J. Orologio, Norwood $120,000

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 6, 2013:

Town of Canton: Parcel 1) 30 10/100 acres more or less, Parcel 2) 66 28/100 acres more or less, in Mile Square 9 of the 1st Range, Basswood Lodge and Hunting Preserve LLC, Ogdensburg, sold to Jonas and Sarah Swartzentruber, Rensselaer Falls $35,000

Town of DeKalb: Unknown acres, in Lot 474, bounded by County Route 20, David A. and Marlene P. Hart, Richville, sold to Wyatt Flynn, Ogdensburg $35,000

Village of Gouverneur: 0.67 of an acre more or less, bounded by Pearl Street and Dexter Street, Linda L. Rumble (administrator), Thelma M. Moe, no address given, sold to Aldo J. and Rebecca A. Milone, Harrisville $43,000

Town of Pierrepont: Unknown acres, in Section 6, bounded by Raquette River, Larry J. and Carol A. Cavallaro, Potsdam, sold to Michael O. Manor, Hannawa Falls $165,000

Town of Stockholm: 6 acres more or less, in Mile Square 34 and Mile Square 35, bounded by McCarthy Road, Claude F. Archambault Revocable Trust, Winthrop, sold to Douglas L. Belt and Constance L. Pike, Potsdam $170,000

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 9, 2013:

Town of Brasher: 2 acres more or less, bounded by Hogansburg Road, Carolyn Mackin (executor), Elizabeth J. Engle, French Village, Mo., sold to Frederick R. Belile, Nicholville $46,000

Town of Massena: 0.15 of an acre more or less, in Lot 2 of Block 102, bounded by Stearns Street, Jack R. Sauve, Essex Junction, Vt., sold to Christopher R. and Megan A. Castell, Massena $62,000

Village of Hammond: Parcel 1) 38/100 of an acre more or less, Parcel 2) Unknown acres, Parcel 3) 44/100 of an acre more or less, Parcel 4) Unknown acres, all Parcels are bounded by Byron Jeffers Lot, Max L. Milsap, Hammond, sold to Richard J. and Marguerite H. Davidson, Hammond $60,000

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