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Sports Schedules, Standings

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Local Schedules

@zAgateSubhead:The NAC


(all games 4:30 p.m. unless noted)

Wednesday: Gouverneur at FA, Massena at OFA.

Thursday: P-H at B-M, Tupper Lake at SLC, C-F at Hammond, Morristown at Harrisville, Lisbon at H-D, E-K at Heuvelton, Peru at FA, Salmon River at M-W, Canton at Gouverneur.



Wednesday: OFA at Massena, Potsdam at B-M, Malone at M-W, Salmon River at Canton, E-K at C-F.

Thursday: Northwood Prep at Malone.



(all games 4:30 p.m. unless noted)

Wednesday: OFA at C-P, Potsdam at Massena.

Thursday: C-P at Canton.



(all games 4:30 p.m. unless noted)

Wednesday: Potsdam at Saranac Lake 5:30 p.m., Northwood Prep at Massena 6:30 p.m.

Thursday: Massena at OFA, Canton at Saranac Lake, Northwood Prep at Heuvelton.



Wednesday: OFA at Massena.

Thursday: C-F at Hammond, Morristown at Harrisville, Lisbn at H-D, E-K at Heuvelton, P-H at C-P, Tupper Lake at SLC, SRF at M-W, Gouverneur at Canton.



(all meets 4:30 p.m. unless noted)

Thursday: C-F at M-W, Salmon River at Massena, FA at Tupper Lake.

@zAgateSubhead:The COLLEGES



Saturday: Home vs. Skidmore (dh) 1 p.m.

Sunday: Home vs. Skidmore (dh) noon.




Wednesday: Home vs. Ithaca 4 p.m.

Saturday: Home vs. Rensselaer (dh) noon.

Sunday: Home vs. Rensselaer (dh) noon.


Men’s Lacrosse

Friday: Liberty League Playoffs - semi-finals at RIT.

Sunday: Liberty League Championship Game (tba).




TWednesday: At SUNY Plattsburgh 7 p.m.

Sunday: At SUNYIT, noon; at Hamilton College 4 p.m.



Wednesday: Home vs. SUNY Potsdam (dh) 3 p.m.



Men’s Lacrosse

Wednesday: SUNYAC Playoffs - home vs. SUNY Plattsburgh 4 p.m.

Saturday: SUNYAC Championship Game (tba).



Wednesday: At SUNY Canton (dh) 3 p.m.

NAC Summaries

@zAgateSubhead:High school boys track and field


Canton 116, Potsdam 88

100: Robertson (P) 11.8, Stone (P), Prosper (P); 200: Robertson (P) 22.9, Stone (P), Lee (P); 400: Lee (P) 58.0, Lapoint (C), Oatman (C); 800: Ononye (P) 2:17.9, Ricalton (C), Wight (C); 1,600: Ricalton (C) 5:15.1, Royce (C), Pinckney (C); 110 hurdles: Buckley (C) 18.1, Mangual (P), Oatman (C); 400 hurdles: Buckley (C) 1:11.0; 400 relay: Pot (Ononye, Prosper, Robertson, Stone) 46.3, Can, Can; 1,600 relay: Can (Buckley, Lapoint, Oatman, Sovay) 4:03.2, Pot, Can; 3,200 relay: Canton 10:20.2, Pot; High jump: Lapoint (C) 5-6, Trahan (C), Tharrett (P); Long jump: Stone (P) 17-11 1/2, Robertson (P); Robinson (C); Triple jump: Olin (C) 33-10, Prosper (P), Jemison (P); Shot put: Davis (C) 35-3 1/2, Buckley (C), Hanss (P); Discus: Lapoint (C) 86-6 1/2, Olin (C), Davis (C).

Records: Canton (2-1); Potsdam (1-2).

Norwood-Norfolk 124, OFA 117

3,200 relay: N-N (Grant, C. Fulk, Hardy, K. Fulk) 9:03, OFA 9:15.7; 110 hurdles: Levison (N) 16.1, Aumell (N), VanGarden (O); Shot put: Compo (O) 35-8, Fisher (N), Newcomb (O); 100: Smith (O) 11.7, Hall (N), Joanette (O); 1,600: K. Fulk (N) 4:49.8, C. Fulk (N), Grizzuto (O); Long jump: Wellings (N) 18-3, Bouchard (O), Sias (O); 400 relay: OFA (SIas, Sias, Pratt, Joanette) 47.9, N-N 49.2; 400: Smith (O) 52.9, Hall (N), Livernois (N); 400 hurdles: Levison (N) 1:02.3, Aumell (N), VanGarden (O); 800: Grant (N) 2:17.9, C. Fulk (N), Pearson (O); 200: Smith (O) 23.4, J. Sias (O), Hall (N); Triple jump: A. Sias (O) 34-1, J. Sias (O), Bouchard (O); Discus: Cole (O) 108-5, Fisher (N), Gibson (N); 3,200: K. Fulk (N) 10:56.8, Grant (N), Grizzuto (O); High jump: Aumell (N) 5-10, Brizzuto (O), Schiavone (N); 1,600 relay: OFA (Sias, Smith, Pearson, VanGarden) 3:43, N-N.

Records: OFA (0-1); Norwood-Norfolk (3-0).

Malone 173, Madrid-Waddington 68

3,200 relay: Mal (Campbell, Tracy, Bronner, Bordeaux) 9:15.9, M-W; Triple jump: Stapleton (Mal) 37-0 1/2, Raymond (Mal), Duval (Mal); 110 hurdles: Badgley (Mal) 16.7, Zeledon (M-W), Stapleton (Mal); 100: Fellion (Mal) 12.4, Cryderman (M-W), C. Garland (Mal); Shot put: Boots (Mal) 46-3 1/2, Harkins (M-W), Dora (Mal); 1,600: Marlow (Mal) 4:50, D. LaVoie (Mal), Landry (Mal); 400 relay: Mal (Fellion, Raymond, C. Garland, T. Garland) 49.2, M-W; Long jump: Zeledon (M-W) 17-1, Martin (Mal), Stapleton (Mal); 400: Tracy (Mal) 57.3, Schanck (Mal), Brodeaux (Mal); 400 hurdles: Badgley (Mal) 1:03, O’Neill (M-W), Law (Mal); 800: Fellion (Mal) 2:12, Bronner (Mal), Campbell (Mal); High jump: Stapleton (Mal) 5-6, Lamica (Mal), Badgley (Mal); 200: Martin (Mal) 26.0, O’Neil (M-W), C. Garland (Mal); 3,200: Marlow (Mal) 10:38, LaVoie (Mal), Landry (Mal); Discus: Hawkins (M-W) 119-7, Boots (Mal), Geremia (Mal); 1,600 relay: Mal (Fellion, Tracy, Raymond, Badgley) 3:53, M-W.

Records: Madrid-Waddingtom (1-1); Malone (1-0).

@zAgateSubhead:High school girls track and field


Canton 148, Potsdam 116

100: Drechsel (P) 13.3, Olin (C), Collins (C); 200: Drechsel (P) 27.9,, Olin (C), R. DelRossi (C); 400: R. DelRossi (C) 1:03.2, Dow (p), Daley (c); 800: Ricalton (C) 2:37.3, Dow (P), Proulx (C); 1,500: Pierce (C) 5:06.9, Ricalton (C), Amell (P); 100 hurdles: Proulx (C) 17.3, Lucht (P), C. Whiteford (C); 400 hurdles: C. Whiteford (C) 1:16.4, Lucht (P), Williams (C); 400 relay: Can (LaPoint, Collins, Olin, Whiteford), 55.2, Pot, Can; 1,600 relay: Pot (McIntosh, Drechsel, Visser, Phillips) 5:16.3, Can, Can; 3,200 relay: Can (Bentley-Hicks, Bessette, G. DelRossi, R. DelRossi) 10:39.9, Pot; High jump: Rosser (C) 4-8, Huckle (P), Summer (C); Long jump: Rosser (C) 13-10 1/2, Mangual (P), Schreurs (C); Triple jump: Rosser (Ca) 32-10, Lucht (P), LoMastro (P); Shot put: Proulx (C) 29-8, Heer (P), Tishberg (P); Discus: Miller (P) 52-7, Bowdish (C), Tishberg (P).

Records: Canton (3-0); Potsdam (1-2).

Norwood-Norfok 190, OFA 127

3,200 relay: N-N (Saucier, Gray, Fetter, Dominique) 11:39.1, OFA 12:06.8; 100 hurdles: Seguin (N) 17.8, Hunkins (N), Miller (O); 100: Miller (O) 14.6, Collins (N), Remington (N); 1,500: Saucier (N) 5:19.2, Gray (N), Steenkamer (O); Long jump: Hayes (N) 14-9, C. Miller (O), Stewart (N); Shot put: Hayes (N) 27-4, Colbert (N), Montroy (O); 400 relay: Parmeter, Collins, Linsky, Remington) 58.4, OFA 59.0; 400: Hayes (N) 1:05.7, Saucier (N), Macaulay (O); High jump: Hayes (N) 4-8, Seguin (N), Hunkins (N); 400 hurdles: Hunkins (N) 1:17.8, Seguin (N), E. Miller (O); 800: Macaulay (O) 2:32.5, Eng (N), Gray (N); 200: Collins (N) 30.9, Willard (O), Remington (N); 3,000: Saucier (N) 11:14, Mitchell (O), Fetter (N); Triple jump: C. Miller (O) 27-4.5, Wilalrd (O), Stewart (N); Discus: Foster (O) 80-0, Montroy (O), Colbert (N); 1,600 relay: N-N (Parmenter, Remington, H. Gray, Hunkins) 5:02.5, OFA 5:03.3.

Records: OFA (0-1); Norwood-Norfolk (3-0).

Malone 218, Madrid-Waddington 90

3,200 relay: Mal (C. Pomainville, Bronner, E. Pomainville, Champagne) 10:45.2, M-W; Shot put: Jarvis (Mal) 29-6 1/2, Bond (Mal), Grimshaw (Mal); High jump: Gishey (Mal) 4-9, McCall (M-W), Sprague (Mal); Long jump: Schanck (Mal) 14.1, Reynolds (Mal), Cositore (Mal); 100 hurdles: Perez (Mal) 17.8, Schanck (Mal), Fleury (Mal); 100: Lewis (Mal) 13.8, Perry (Mal), Harris (M-W); 1,500: C. Pomainville (Mal) 5:16.2, Scott (M-W), Bronner (Mal); 400 relay: M-W (Harris, Clark, McCall, Tiernan) 57.8, Mal; 400: Bond (Mal) 1:01.4, E. Pomainville (Mal), Scott (M-W); Triple jump: Gishey (Mal) 28-11 1/2, Perez (Mal), Reynolds (Mal); 400 hurdles: Perez (Mal0 1:15.1, Fleury (Mal), Tiernan (M-W); 800: C. Pomainville (Mal) 2:36.7, Bronner (Mal), Scott (M-W); 200: Bond (Mal) 27.2, Lewis (Mal), Harris (M-W); Discus: Perry (Mal) 83-11, Boland (M-W), Grimshaw (Mal); 3,000: E. Pomainville (Mal) 12:00, Champagne (Mal), Nichols (Mal); 1,600 relay: Mal (Perez, Schanck, Fakir, Bond) 4:41, M-W.

Records: Madrid-Waddington (1-1); Malone (1-0).

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