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Local schedules, results


Local Schedules

@zAgateSubhead:The NAC


(all games 4:30 p.m. unless noted)

Friday: N-N at P-H, H-D at Morristown, Potsdam at Massena, OFA at Salmon River.

Monday: N-N at B-M (dh) 4 p.m., Chateaugay at M-W (dh) 4 p.m., SRF at Tupper Lake (dh) 4 p.m., C-F at H-D (dh) 4 p.m., E-K at Lisbon (dh) 4 p.m., Harrisville at Hammond (dh) 4 p.m., Morristown at Heuvelton (dh) 4 p.m., Canton at Massena (dh0 4 p.m., Salmon River at FA, OFA at Plattsburgh, Potsdam at Indian River.



Friday: Tupper Lake at E-K (Partridge Run), B-M at M-W, Potsdam at Gouverneur, Heuvelton at Salmon River.

Monday: OFA at Potsdam, Salmon River at E-K (Partridge Run), B-M at Gouverneur, C-F at Tupper Lake.



(all games 4:30 p.m. unless noted)

Friday: SLC at Saranac Lake, Massena at Vestal 7 p.m.

Saturday: Massena at Horseheads 11 a.m., Canton at Saranac Lake 1 p.m.

Monday: Salmon River at SLC, Saranac Lake at C-P.



(all games 4:30 p.m. unless noted)

Saturday: Massena at Watertown High 5 p.m.

Monday: Potsdam at Massena, Heuvelton at Saranac Lake, Canton at OFA 5 p.m.



Wednesday: OFA at Massena.

Friday: N-N at P-H, H-D at Morristown, Potsdam at Massena, FA at SLC.

Saturday: Lake Placid Tournament - Massena vs. Plattsburgh, noon; Mudville Tournament - Heuvelton vs. tba.

Monday: Massena at B-M, C-F at H-D (dh) 4 p.m., Harrisville at Hammond (dh) 4 p.m., Morristown at Heuvelton (dh) 4 p.m., E-K at Lisbon (dh) 4 p.m., Chateaugay at M-W (dh) 4 p.m., N-N at C-P (dh) 4 p.m., SRF at Tupper Lake (dh) 4 p.m., OFA at Indian River (dh) 4 p.m., Salmon River at FA.



(all meets 4:30 p.m. unless noted)

Tuesday: Massena at FA, Salmon River at Potsdam, M-W at Tupper Lake.

Wednesday: Canton at N-N.

@zAgateSubhead:The COLLEGES



Saturday: Home vs. Skidmore (dh) 1 p.m.

Sunday: Home vs. Skidmore (dh) noon.




Saturday: Home vs. Rensselaer (dh) noon.

Sunday: Home vs. Rensselaer (dh) noon.


Men’s Lacrosse

Friday: Liberty League Playoffs - semi-finals at RIT.

Sunday: Liberty League Championship Game (tba).




Sunday: At SUNYIT, noon; at Hamilton College 4 p.m.

NAC Summaries

@zAgateSubhead:High school boys track and field


Malone 145 1/2 Norwood-Norfolk 94 1/2

Malone 175, Tupper Lake 52

Norwood-Norfolk 155, Tupper Lake 63

3,200 relay: Malone (Fellion, Tracy, Bronner, Campbell) 9:16, N-N; 110 hurdles: Staplteon (M) 18.3, Levison (N), Aumell (N); 100: LaPierre (T) 12.7, Martin (M), Hall (N); 1,600: Marlow (M) 4:49.1, Lavoie (M), Landry (M); 400 relay: Malone (Fellion, Garland, Martin, Raymond) 49.0, N-N 50.6, Tupper Lake 49.0; 400: Tracy (M) 56.3, Schanck (M), Hall (N); 400 hurdles: Levison (N) 1:01.2, Badgley (M), Aumell (N); 800: Fellion (M) 2:17.4, Bronner (M), C. Fulk (N); 200: Martin (M) 25.5, Hall (N), LaPierre (T); 3,200: K. Fulk (N) 10:36.8, Marlow (M), Lavoie (M); 1,600 relay: N-N: Hall, hardy, Aumell, Levison) 3:51, Malone 3:54, Tupper Lake 4:27; High jump: Stapleton (M) 5-8, Schiavone (N), Badgley (M); Long jump: Badgley (M) 17-2, Levison (N), Wellings (N); Triple jump: Raymond (M) 35-9, Monette (M), Stapleton (M); Shot put: Boushie (T) 37-8.5, Smith (M), Dora (M); Discus: Gibson (N) 106-11, Lamica (M), Madore (T).

Records: Malone (3-0); Norwood-Norfolk (4-1); Tupper Lake (0-4).

Canton 143, Salmon River 72

Canton 148 1/2, Massena 86 1/2

Massena 122 1/2, Salmon River 89 1/2

3,200 relay: Canton (Royce, Pinckney, Folk, Charron) 9:48.1, Salmon River 10:04.5, Massena 11:16.7; 110 hurdles: Buckley (C) 18.9, Oatman 21.4, Babb (M); 100: Brush (M) 12.5, Domino (S), Jannini (C); 1,600: Ricalton (C) 5:20.5, Bigness (S), Perkins (S); 400 relay: Canton (Jannini, Kiah, Trahan, Robinson) 51.5, Massena 53.7; 400: Fennell (M) 58.4, LaPoint (C), Thompson (S); 400 hurdles: Buckley (C) 1:09.4, Oatman (C), Burley (M); 800: Folk (C) 2:32.2, Wight (C), Square (S); 200: Domino (S) 26.5, Fennell (M), Oatman (C); 3,200: Bigness (S) 12:10.3, Shorette (S), Folk (C); 1,600 relay: Canton (Buckley, LaPoint, Oatman, Sovay) 4:15, Massena 4:40.8; Long jump: Brush (M) 19-7.5, Domino (S), Trahan (C); Triple jump: Kiah (C) 35-0, Thibault (M), Brush (M); Discus: LaPoint (C) 98-6.5, Hansen (M), Davis (C); High jump: Trahan (C) 5-4, LaPoint (C), Square (S); Shot put: Monette (S) 36-8.5, Davis (C), Buckley (C).

Records: Salmon River (0-2); Canton (4-1); Massena 1-3).

Gouverneur 148, Madrid-Waddington 92

Gouverneur 179, Clifton-Fine 28

Madrid-Waddington 164, Clifton-Fine 36

100: Dusharm (G) 12.3, Curcio (G), Flores (G); 200: Flores (G) 25.6, O’Neil (M), Kopchinski (G); 400: Hill (M) 1:00.1, Toppin (G), Lewis (G); 800: Dunkelberg (G) 2:19.2, Reed (M), Gates (M); 1,600: Erdman (G) 5:13, Dunkleberg (G), T. Robinson (M); 3,200: Erdman (G) 10:50.2, T. Robinson (M), Allen (M); 110 hurdles: Zeledon (M) 17.7, Uribe (G), McShane (G); 400 hurdles: O’Neil (M) 1:04.0, Zeledon (M), Way (G); 400 relay: Gou (Flores, Curcio, Dusharm, McShane) 47.9, M-W; 1,600 relay: Gou (Dunkelberg, Lewis, Erdman, Kopchinski) 3:54.6, M-W: 3,200 relay: Gou (Dunkelberg, Erdman, Gates, Neentwick) 9:44.3, M-W; High jump: McShane (G) 5-6, Thomas (M), Casey (G); Long jump: Sealander (C) 17-11, Dusharm (G), Flores (G); Triple jump: Curcio (G) 36-3, Cryderman (M), Carswell (G); Shot put: Prespare (G) 40-2, Hawkins (M), Gates (G); Discus: Hawkins (M) 134-9, Delosh (M), Carr (G).

Records: Clifton-Fine (0-4); Gouverneur (5-0); Madrid-Waddington (2-2).

@zAgateSubhead:High school girls track and field


Malone 184.5, Norwood-Norfolk 133.5

Malone 202, Tupper Lake 75

Norwood-Norfolk 194, Tupper Lake 84

3,200 relay: Malone (C. Pomainville, Bronner, E. Pomainville, Champagne) 12:29.5, N-N 13:11; 100 hurdles: Seguin (N) 18.3, Perez (M), Schanck (M); 100: Klossner (T) 14.7, Lewis (M), Perry (M); 1,500: C. Pomainville (M) 5:08.2, Saucier (N), Gray (N); 400 relay: Malone (Reynolds, Perry, Lewis, Tatro) 58.7, N-N 59.5, Tupper Lake 1:00.1; 400: Bond (M) 1:01.6, Hayes (N), Klossner (T); 400 hurdles: Perez (M) 1:13.7, Hunkins (N), Seguin (N); 800: Saucier (N) 2:35, C. Pomainville (M), Bronner (M); 200: Bond (M) 28.4, Bouck (T), Lewis (M); 3,000: E. Pomainville (M) 11:03.6, Saucier (N), Champagne (M); 1,600 relay: Malone (Perez, Broeker, Schanck, Bond) 4:33.5, N-N 4:38, tupper Lake 4:40; High jump: Hayes (N) 4-10, Seguin (N), Sprague (M); Long jump: Hayes (N) 14-9.75, Perry (M), Schanck (M); Triple jump: Klossner (T) 30-10.5, Perez (M), Reynolds (M); Shot put: Zurek (T) 34-1, Jarvis (M), Bond (M); Discus: Zurek (T) 90-3, Perry (M), Trombley (T).

Records: Malone (3-0); Norwood-Norfolk (4-1); Tupper Lake (0-4).

Canton 173, Massena 111

Canton 176, Salmon River 67

Massena 160, Salmon River 82

3,200 relay: Canton (DelRossi, Bentley-Hicks, Ricalton, Bessette) 10:46.7, Massena 12:49.8; 100 hurdles: Proulx (C) 17.6, Lamica (M), Whiteford (C); 100: Collins (C) 14.7, Mooriadian (C), Whiteford (C); 1,500: Burns-Barnes (M) 6:44, Cook (S), O’Neiell (M); 400 relay: Canton (Collins, LaPoint, Whiteford, Olin) 55.5, Massena 1:03.6; 400: Pierce (C) 1:04.4, Daley (C), Fanning (C); 400 hurdles: Whiteford (C) 1:15.5, Russell (S), Summer (C); 800: DelRossi (C) 2:44.9, Proulx (C), Peets (M); 200: Olin (C), 28.5, LaPoint (C), Lamica (M); 3,000: Ricalton (C) 11:16.1, Buckshot (M); 1,600 relay: Canton (G. DelRossi, R. DelRossi, Ricalton, Daley) 4:36, Massena 5:19.7; Long jump: Olin (C) 16-2.75, Proulx (C), DeArmayero (S); Triple jump: Mosser (C) 33-2.5, Hamilton (C), Dix (M); Discus: Jacobs (M) 62-7, Bowdish (C), Figeuroa (S); High jump: Rosser (C) 4-10, Lamica (M), Jacobs (M); Shot put: Figeuroa (S) 24-11.5, Bowdish (C), Bender (S).

Records: Salmon River (0-2); Canton (5-0); Massena (1-3).

Gouverneur 169 1/2, Madrid-Waddington 145 1/2

Madrid-Waddington 206,Clifton-Fine 28

Gouverneur 230, Clifton-Fine 20

100: Spicer (G) 14.5, Cummings (G); Harris (M); 200: Spicer (G) 31.1, Cumming (G), Ward (G); 400: Scott (M) 1:05.6, Ward (G), Easton (G); 800: Scott (M) 2:47.3, Simmons (G), Field (M); 1,500: Dunkelberg (G) 5:42.8, Scott (M), Field (M); 3,000: Scott (M) 12:37.9, Dunkelberg (G), Morenz (G); 100 hurdles: Marcellus (M) 20.1, McCall (M), Kennedy (G); 400 hurdles: Marcellus (M) 1:19.7, Tiernan (M), Schultz (G); 400 relay: Gou (Cummings, Ward, Hall, Kennedy) 56.8, M-W; 1,600 relay: M-W (Evans, Scott, Tiernan, Marcellus) 4:53.0, Gou; 3,200 relay: M-W (Scott, Tiernan, Field, Marcellus) 11:36.6, Gou; High jump: McCall (M) 4-6, Field (M), Briggs (G); Long jump: Hall (G) 13-9, Ward (G), Sweet (G); Triple jump: Hall (G) 29-4, McCall (M), Sweet (G); Shot put: Boland (M) 24-6, Way (G), Platt (G); Discus: McCormick (G) 88-1 1/2, Way (G), Platt (G).

Records: Clifton-Fine (0-4); Gouverneur (4-1); Madrid-Waddington (2-2).

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